Weekly seminars were scheduled throughout 2005 and 2006.
Softwares taught: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Final Cut Pro

Seminar Leader:   Dannell MacIlwraith

Example Schedule Below:


24th in Post Production (basement of Annenberg)
4:00 Motion (Special FX)
5:00 Final Cut Pro (Exporting to tape, Web, DVD)
6:00 Flash Soundtrack (Advanced multitrack mixing)
7:00 Flash DVD Studio Pro (Creating your own design template)

25th in the atrium
12:00 Photoshop (Photo Enhancement – levels, curves, filter gallery)
1:00 Photoshop (Layers, Comps)
2:00 Dreamweaver (managing and linking a site)
3:00 Dreamweaver (adding images and uploading)

28th in Tuttlemen 4
12:00 Photoshop (digital photography)
1:00 Photoshop (creating a layout)
2:00 Illustrator (logo design)
3:00 Indesign (creating a layout)

31st in Post Production (basement of Annenberg)
4:00 Final Cut Pro (Importing a video clip and creating voice overs)
5:00 Final Cut Pro (making and using video stills)
6:00 DVD Studio Pro (Creating subtitles for you movie)
7:00 Motion (controling video through MIDI)


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