NMIC 001 Intro to Interdisciplinary New Media, Fall 2004

This is a foundation level course that looks at community, both on-line and in real life. The final project produced a class web site that is based on, but different from, existing on-line communities.


Nov. 2
The Election Day Event in the Joe First Media Center included an interactive installation, chat, blogforabetterworld and a mock voting booth.

Intro to New Media 2
Students were asked to build an interactive user experience based on the
notion of plurality.

Spring 2005 EVENT
April 27
The final of New Media 2 was held in the Joe First Media Center. It included two running Kiosks, demonstrating new interactions with the environment of the atrium. The space was transformed through post it notes, a web camera and interactive kiosks.

Links to Kiosks:
Lad Mibs / re:connections
T.U. Kvetch Box

Independent Study

A collaboration independent study project that began in the fall of ’04
continued throughout the Spring ‘05.  Bringing together students
from the Department of Computer and Information Science and the
New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration (Luke Schantz, Laef
Anderson, Aubrey Jones and Andrew Gwozdziewycz), to build a wi-fi
local area network.  The research and first stage prototype won
second prize in the Print and Media category of the TURF awards
(Temple University Research Forum).  Co-directed by Rolf
Lakaemper (CIS) and Hana Iverson (NMIC).

Cross/Walks: Weaving Fabric Row is an art installation and project by Hana Iverson and students from Temple University that mines, maps and constructs a dynamic portrait of South Philadelphia’ Fabric Row, the spine of an evolving, historically Jewish neighborhood.  The dimensions of this locative-media project include an audio history/portrait with cell phone access, and orientation by an originally designed map, allowing participants to hear oral history and author their own contributions, as well as a multi-media installation and web site, www.cross-walks.org, allowing navigation of all the project’s elements.  Hana Iverson engaged her Neighborhood Narratives class to participate in Cross/Walks; the students have been integrally involved in the project’s development. The installation was open April 20 – Aug. 15, 2007.

To view video for PC users: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U85wGAderY


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