The New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration explores the expressive and communicative possibilities of digital media across the contexts of advertising, broadcast, film, journalism, mass communication, public relations, and theater. NMIC facilitates students in the development of a comprehensive understanding of the communication arts, and an exploration of the established media traditions through the new technologies.

Integrating both media and content, the New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration considers not only how to work with the new technologies, but how to think about them in a cultural context. In addition to offering an in-depth introduction to new media production, the Concentration examines the impact of emerging technologies on commerce, education, communication, politics, the arts, entertainment and our overall cultural framework. Developing practical and conceptual relationships to both the history and future of new media, current explorations focus on interactive multi-media, convergence technologies, broadband content and delivery systems, experimental art forms, and the issues associated with digital culture.

Any new medium carries within it the seeds for new conceptual models and new means of interaction. The ability to translate all media into a digital realm breaks the boundaries that previously separated various disciplines. New media is inventing itself on the margins between art and science; film and journalism; theory and theater; television and graphic design. It is in this interdisciplinary spirit that the New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration invites and facilitates collaborations across disciplines that aspire to invent new ideas and create divergent expression.